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What are the benefits of lingam massages and how do they work?

Lingam massageIn Sanskrit, the word for Lingam is the male sexual organ and is loosely translated as “stick of light”. In Tantra, Lingam is respectfully portrayed and worshipped as a force that directs creative energy and pleasure.

Orgasm is not the goal of a Lingam massage, although it can be a welcome side effect. The goal is to massage the penis, including the testicles, dikes and the holy point (prostate) from the outside and allow the man to receive vibrations of excitement and pleasure in an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

Lingam massage relieves men of stress and tension, allows a deeper perception of stimuli of massage. It improves blood flow to the genitals which is essential for a satisfying sex life. Regular massages improve erectile strength and male fertility for a long time. Alternating phases of excitement and relaxation is the most beautiful training of sexual endurance.

How does a lingam massage work?

Release is very important. The luxuriously furnished rooms of our erotic massage salon, muted music and pleasant aromas create a pleasant intimate atmosphere.

An erotic masseuse puts a man on his back. She puts a pillow with a towel under his hips. His legs are apart with his knees slightly bent and his genitals revealed for a massage. The massage begins with a joint deep, relaxing breathing. The masseuse begins with a gentle massage of the whole body and in the phase of mutual intimate attunement, she proceeds to massage the penis and testicles, dam and prostate.

Tantric lingam massage is a highly developed art of touch, constant alternation of waves of pure pleasure and deep relaxation. You feel a fire of excitement, electrifying tension, full body armor and sensual dizziness. Lingam massage in an erotic salon can also include anal massage, testicle massage and prostate massage. Orgasm is not an end in itself.

Professional massage sensitively stimulates and sensitively calms. Over time, a man can learn from our erotic masseuse the mastery of delayed ejaculation and prolongation of sexual intercourse. In the classic concept of tantric lingam massage, it is possible to evoke an orgasm, including ejaculation to release the accumulated energy, but also a multiorgasmic experience without a single drop.

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