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Prostate massage in Prague

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Prostate massage is an exclusive erotic massage for men. Massage prostate is carried out by finger or sex toy and will let you experience the incredible satisfaction of male sexual desire. You can order a prostate massage both separately and in combination with erotic massage.

Before you order prostate massage… The prostate gland is one of the most important parts of the male reproductive system. It has a size of a walnut and is located just below the bladder, above the crotch, and is attached to the rectum just 4-5 cm from the anus.
Prostate is not a solid gland, but it is composed of 30-50 small glands. These glands are involved in the formation of the seminal fluid, more particularly – prostate liquid for sperm production, and the excretion of testosterone male hormone, and also acts as a valve part overlying the bladder outlet during the orgasm. Prostate liquid provides the mobility and transport of sperm, that is responsible for sperm motility. Therefore it is affecting fertility, the ability to have healthy children. The prostate is the only organ when a massage is prescribed in case of its inflammation. For thrills given by its stimulating the prostate is called “male G-point “.

Prostate massage is useful

Prostate massage improves blood circulation, and as a result, the prostate begins to receive more oxygen and nutrients. In the treatment of prostatitis prostate massage helps to penetrate the antibiotics and other drugs into the prostate.

Prostate massage prevents stagnation of liquid in the ducts of the prostate gland. Alongside with the liquid during the orgasm bacteria are derived. After the massage the gland is activated, and the sexual function is activated as well. It improves erection and ejaculation control and, as a consequence, the duration of sexual intercourse is increased, more sperm is produced and libido is increased. After a course of massage the semen does not flow but shoot. The sensations of orgasm are brighter and sharper. Massage gland itself can be fun and erotic prostate massage may result in orgasm, without any additional stimulation. 11% of men can have an orgasm from prostate stimulation without touching a handjob, or especially a blowjob. A man can ejaculate every few minutes, as well as to experience “dry” orgasms.

How is prostate massage done?

To make a man relax, we will provide him erotic massage using massage techniques, and a glass of wine will be fine too.

First, the masseuse will lubricate the anus, prostate massager and a finger with lubricant. Then, enter her finger or the prostate massager into the anus without any rush, taking pauses, letting the anal muscles get used to the pressure and make you relax. Then she will use two fingers and feel the gland, pressing the fingers towards the scrotum, and when you feel some kind of “pressure” in the top of penis, it means that the “male G-point” is found. Then, enter the prostate massager to the desired depth, gently massaging the prostate, listening to your feelings.

If an erection does not occur, she will help you to cause it. 10% of men may experience orgasm during stimulation of the prostate without penis stimulation. Oral sex is not a hindrance for prostate erotic massage.

When the orgasm is close, the prostate becomes large and solid. Orgasm for prostate massage is much longer and powerful than usual. Orgasmic sensations do not only cover the penis, but also perineum and the anus.

As you may see, this massage is something unusual and is not much offered, but our professionals may help you experience not only heavenly delight, but also they will give you more sexual power and improve your man health.

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