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Escort massage in Prague

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Kořenského 3, Prague 5, Smichov

Why do you need escort massage? If you are having a really rushy and busy day, we may offer you a beautiful possibility for an order that is straightly to its alluring arousing our masseuses in the hotel in Prague. We know that many people are in a hurry these days, and sometimes we do not want to come out after a rushy day, without any will just to sit there and do nothing. Your evening or free time may be accompanied by a masseuse directly allowed to fulfill your orders, that have been already described by you in your order. Even if your wife or girlfriend went out for a long period of time, or simply the time you ordered your our house masseuse stock directly.

Please call us, or leave your request through an internet form available at our website or write us an e-mail with the order, please provide information, what would you like to have, how much time would you like to spend with the masseuse. In case you have any special preferences whatsoever, please let us know about them.

Please note that it’s better to call at least two hours before the requested term, for our ladies to get them prepared and ready to go. This is valid either for escort at your personal private apartment or to the hotel, because of time for preparation and transportation.

Best escort erotic massage in the city

The erotic massage, one of the most sensual experiences you can have one in Prague, if you are visiting Prague either as a tourist or as businessman or just a traveller. Our customers describe it as a powerful sensual experience and always return for more, some of them come to Prague just to visit our massage parlor. Our erotic massage offers loads of sexual energy revealed and released, and most of them are satisfied even weeks after the visit by us. Our experienced and beautiful masseuses provide their services at the highest level creating a great opportunity to change the reality and have a very happy experience in the most beautiful way. Our erotic massage parlor provides erotic massages at a sensual luxury levels, being a great erotic experience.

Our erotic massage parlor will reveal you completely new level of sensitivity and emotional experiences. Erotic massage offered by our massage parlor, such as massages for pairs, massages for men, massages for women, gay massage, prostate massage and footjob, may be the new areas for you to renew the eroticism and reach higher dimensions of your own sexuality and sexual life.

You can choose our massage room and the masseuse or masseur – depends on the type of chosen massage, which, to your personal needs may consider difficult issues and friendly facility administrator can choose a plan tailored to your every need. Communication beautiful girl with a relaxed atmosphere will give you a good mood and good spirits throughout the day.

Escort massages and confidentiality

Even in this case we maintain strict confidentiality, even more, than in standard cases. No one ever knows that you are visiting us, what service ordered for himself and his companion. The hotel reception will think of it as of a regular visitor, nothing will know your neighbours.

We will give you a real VIP-style escort massage relaxation organized under the scenario that draw your secret desires and fantasies.

We strictly maintain confidentiality of our clients, either by protecting it by our internal regulations and demand it from our personnel. It is very important to treat every our client as a VIP and to give him not only the best and sometimes unusual services, but also abovestandard personal confidentiality.

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