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Erotic Massage for couples in Prague

1750 CZK (70€) / person
60 min

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Kořenského 3, Prague 5, Smichov

Erotic massage for couples? A striking indicator of a love relationship is passion. But nothing lasts forever, and mostly when the relationship becomes deeper, the passion comes down. Someone might think that it leaves for good to someone more young and energetic, but it is not right. Passion can be awakened. We are ready to pamper you in a whirlpool of passion that will drive you crazy!

Just for couples masseuses from our massage parlor have prepared a unique offer. Erotic massage in Prague for you and your partner will improve your interpersonal relationships, enhance confidence and revive its former passion. Imagine the pleasure that you get both, experienced this little erotic adventure. The severity of your relationship will tense up even more than before.

As the years flow, the close family life may drown the partners in everyday life and they just become less attentive to each other. Couples forget about the features of each other’s preferences in bed. But there is an erotic massage for couples, that sharpens your attention, and you will see all-forgotten with a new, hawkeyed look. Which touches and caresses bring the partner the true ecstasy? This question may be answered by our professionally made massage for pairs in Prague.

The effectiveness of erotic massage for couples

You will be able to see what caresses help relax your partner’s body and drive your beloved one crazy with the awakened desire. Our best trained masseuses will show you the various techniques and forms of touch, from simple touches to playful biting. You will experience your own body in a full range of pleasures.

You may not even know how does the fire of passion is brought by our erotic massage for couples. Just during one massage session you will feel each other and give a chance to a new desire. The special touch skills obtained during our massage session will dramatically diversify your sex life, because you’ll be able to learn the sensual movements and gentle stroking by yourself.

How is the massage done

The massage is carried out in one room, where the pair may choose the masseurs or masseuses – it depends on them. The massage is carried out synchronically.

Our masseuses will surely relax you and your partner. Gradually not only their hands will be used, but also other parts of their bodies. Cleverly sliding upon your back, legs, stomach and chest, they will fully relax you. All the worries and troubles remain far behind the doors of a massage parlor.

Before the start of a session of erotic massage for couples, you can treat yourself to a mellow alcohol. A couple of glasses of wine will relax you and stimulate for new discoveries, quickly warming up your blood and thus increasing the benefit and pleasure from the massage. Unusual joint adventure will allow you to look at your relationship in a new way and to bring in private life those pleasures that you can get! Or you may try the new techniques after the massage and enjoy yourself even more than before…

All the best experiences

Intimate atmosphere in the apartment is a key factor in the success of erotic massage for couples. We do our best to make our customers relax and disconnect from their daily life cares. Sensual palms of our masseuses will mark the beginning of the session, which will reveal all the variations of passion, hidden in the depths of your consciousness.

And for the awakening of sexual desire, we offer a complete package of pleasures of every kind:

  • a few glasses of red or white wine before the massage;
  • incredibly comfortable massage bed with soft pillows;
  • melodic eastern music that awakens deep passions;
  • scents of incense, ylang-ylang and sandalwood;
  • warm and fragrant oil massage;
  • lighting by the candles.
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