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Erotic Massage for couples in Prague

1750 CZK (70€) / person
60 min
Massages for couples

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Kořenského 3, Prague 5, Smichov

It is not untypical for couples to start experiencing some chill in relations when the passion seems to fade, things get a little boring, and the mutual desire occurs not very often as it used to be before. If this truly describes your current life, an erotic massage for couples in Prague will help bring the spark back to your private relationship.

When Couple Massage In Prague Cannot Be Any Better If you and your partner would like to add some spice to your relationship and revive your feelings, an erotic massage for couples in Prague deserves your first consideration.

A couple’s massage is a very special, intimate, and exhilarating body treatment during which you and your loved one are being rubbed, stroked, and caressed by one or two well-trained massage practitioners.

An erotic bodywork session in our massage parlor in Prague can be tailored to match your imagination and desires, yet without pushing the boundaries you set. If you have been together for many years already, an erotic massage for couples in Prague will help you expand your sex life and intensify your connection.

The effectiveness of erotic massage for couples

If you are newly together, a couple massage will let you learn more about each other and explore one another’s sensuality. You will witness your beloved one experiencing extraordinary pleasure and fulfillment, while you are reveling in an explosion of erotic delight too, and both of you are intimately connected in the intense, almost palpable sensuousness of this situation.

The pairs, who are curious about exploring bisexuality, can try an erotic massage for couples in Prague and relish new experiments in a safe and discreet manner. Overcome challenges in your relationship and learn new seduction skills through a couple massage in Prague.

How is the massage done

The massage is carried out in one room, where the pair may choose the masseurs or masseuses – it depends on them. The massage is carried out synchronically.

Our masseuses will surely relax you and your partner. Gradually not only their hands will be used, but also other parts of their bodies. Cleverly sliding upon your back, legs, stomach and chest, they will fully relax you. All the worries and troubles remain far behind the doors of a massage parlor.

Before the start of a session of erotic massage for couples, you can treat yourself to a mellow alcohol. A couple of glasses of wine will relax you and stimulate for new discoveries, quickly warming up your blood and thus increasing the benefit and pleasure from the massage. Unusual joint adventure will allow you to look at your relationship in a new way and to bring in private life those pleasures that you can get! Or you may try the new techniques after the massage and enjoy yourself even more than before…

All the best experiences

Intimate atmosphere in the apartment is a key factor in the success of erotic massage for couples. We do our best to make our customers relax and disconnect from their daily life cares. Sensual palms of our masseuses will mark the beginning of the session, which will reveal all the variations of passion, hidden in the depths of your consciousness.

And for the awakening of sexual desire, we offer a complete package of pleasures of every kind:

  • a few glasses of red or white wine before the massage;
  • incredibly comfortable massage bed with soft pillows;
  • melodic eastern music that awakens deep passions;
  • scents of incense, ylang-ylang and sandalwood;
  • warm and fragrant oil massage;
  • lighting by the candles.

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