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Lap dance in Prague

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Lap dance

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Lap dance is erotic dance, carried out on laps of a man sitting on a chair, and may be combined with erotic massage as a good prelude and one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. It may be carried out either topless, just with stockings and high heels on, or fully clothed. Dance with a use of chair can demonstrate a plethora of erotic movements and positions.

It is oftenly called as a private dance, because affluent gentlemen are not averse to book a stripper dance for themselves right in the main hall of strip club or in the privacy of the individual apartments. If desired, you can even arrange a romantic conversation with the dancer with a glass of champagne besides the dance – some strip clubs have similar service. Talking about the clubs, if it safe for the dancer, it depends on the institution, but rather by its owners. Serious, valuing our reputation, clubs vigilantly monitor compliance with the rules of decency and customers partially or completely prohibiting touching the girl performing lap dance. We aren’t strip club and we carefully select our clients, therefore we won’t do things like this and won’t restrict you from sensuality.

Best lap dance experience

Lap dance is good because it does not require any special equipment and a large area around the dancers for its performance. It has several types and features. Besides the basic type it can be carried out on the stage, directly on the chair, without participation of the client. In this case, the dancer will  show your some spectacular feints with upheavals and chair tilting. It looks pretty impressive. Erotic dance is not only a striptease, and lap dance is no exception. And we will show you how unusual it might be.

It is one of the most technically simple, and at the same time, one of the most spectacular exotic dances. Therefore, it  is ideal to perform at home with the aim to seduce or impress your partner. Mastering the basic techniques is quite easy and possible in a relatively short period of time. Especially nowadays because of different dance schools, including the schools of exotic and erotic dance.

How do we perform dance?

Our ladies are very well experienced and trained, and they are guided by the three main principles. The first one is emancipation, it is the first and main guidance. A good dance is always the result of relaxation. By distress the muscles are clamped, respectively the movement are stilted and clumsy. Therefore it is very important to be able to let themselves go and just be as they are. The second one is love to themselves and their bodies, making themselves fully confident and masters of the situation, thus you may feel yourself bewitched by their movements.

All movements during the lap dance, this sensual erotic presentation are smooth and exciting, slowly and powerfully increasing the tension. Our lap dance ladies will constantly touch their breasts, hips, strongly enough to excite you. Smooth and sexy swaying hips is a key element during the dance. Our lap dance ladies do not only shake them making sexual and sensual movement, but also tempting by turning the “group of eights” to attracts the male gaze to the female body more and more.

By ordering the lap dance at our massage parlor we guarantee you will get an excitement never experienced. It is not only a private dance filled with sensuality and slowly igniting desire, but it is also a foreplay, and as it was mentioned before, a strong aphrodisiac before the erotic massage or any other our service offered at our massage parlor.

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