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The best prostate massage in Prague. What are its health benefits?

Prostate massageErotic prostate massage is not only very pleasant, but also has a very wide range of health benefits. If you have never heard of prostate massage, in the following article we will try to explain to you what the prostate is, where this sensitive point is located and how the massage itself takes place.

The prostate is literally a male G-spot!

What if we told you that only women don't have a G-point. Men have a similarly sensitive point, which is located close to the root of the penis. Stimulation is performed by our trained masseuses in two ways:

External prostate massage

The first technique that our masseuses use is performed by massaging the dam, the prostate is located directly below it. We treat this external prostate massage to clients before the penetration itself.

Internal prostate massage

This technique is performed with the help of a masseuse's fingers, or erotic aids designed specifically for prostate massage.

The moment the erotic masseuse acknowledges that the client is sufficiently relaxed and responds positively to the dam massage, it is time for penetration into the anal opening.

Health benefits that prostate massage brings

This specific and very exciting type of massage brings a number of health benefits. Among the most important are improving erections and preventing prostate cancer. Another huge benefit is the prevention of prostate enlargement, which will be appreciated especially by men older than 50 years.

Perfect prostate orgasm only in the Sweet Massage salon!

Orgasm can be achieved without a single touch of the penis, only with the help of prostate massage. However, we recommend a combination with a tantric penis massage.

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