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I fulfilled my secret wishes and tried erotic massages for gays!

Erotic massage for gaysMy name is Karel and I live a completely normal and orderly life, I have a wife, a child and also one big secret… Since puberty, in addition to women, I am also attracted to men. I never told anyone and did not dare to fulfill my desires, but then I came across the erotic massage salon Sweet Massage.

With an erotic massage for gays, my life changed

I have always been ashamed of my sexuality, but after visiting the erotic salon, my view of homosexuality changed.

I tried something forbidden and at the same time incredibly exciting. For the first time in another man's life, I let myself into my intimate zone.

How did the tantric massage for gays go?

A handsome erotic masseur first talked to me and we agreed on the actual course of erotic gay massage, from the overture to the final climax.

The erotic masseur had almost psychotherapeutic abilities, he completely understood my timidity and nervousness. I gained trust in him very quickly and I had no problem devoting myself to him.

an exciting shared shower, I was incredibly excited to continue. I chose a 2-hour tantric massage, so the masseur was in no hurry and enjoyed the pleasures with me.

He began to touch me and gradually added to the intensity. By the time he used massage oil, I could barely breathe a sigh of relief. After about an hour of massaging his back, neck and buttocks, he switched to prostate massage. After turning on his back, he also added a penis massage until the final end.

Gay massage opened my eyes

I confided in my wife about my erotic experience. At first she condemned me, but over time she understood that there was nothing she could do about my orientation.

Now we go to erotic massages for couples and we now enjoy the touch of men together!

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