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How I tried an erotic massage for couples for the first time

Couple erotic massageMy name is Alice and my husband and I are about 20 years old, during which time everything has changed in our relationship.

After the first ten years of cohabitation, marriage was dominated by a stereotype, both in bed and in everyday life. Once a husband came up with the idea to try an erotic couple massage.

Couple erotic massage was out of the question at first

After my husband submitted this proposal to me, I immediately rejected it. I asked him why to go there when we clearly promised our loyalty. His answer was surprisingly calm, "Why take it as infidelity, we will enjoy the massage together."

His sentence made me think and I started searching the internet to learn more about a couple's erotic massage. I read a lot of interesting information and reviews. After about a week of thinking, I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be bad to try at all. After all, we have tried everything in our intimate life.

Choosing an erotic masseuse was our first step

We sat down at the computer together and found a list of erotic masseuses on the Sweet Massage website. I also wanted a woman to massage us together.

After a long hour of choosing to read descriptions of erotic masseuses, we came to the conclusion that the best option would be the beautiful masseuse Celeste.

I was looking forward to visiting the erotic massage salon in Prague, but I was slightly nervous

Since so far I have only visited a classic massage salon, I had some concerns and I was not completely in my skin.

Now I know they were completely useless. Erotic masseuse Celeste was very friendly and knew exactly how to work with us. My husband and I tried a classic couple massage in combination with a massage of intimate parties.

During the massage of the vagina, I reached orgasm, which is not a frequent matter in my intimate life. More important, however, was the rapprochement that my husband and I had achieved. We remembered erotic massage for a long time and then performed massage techniques together.

Why should every couple try a couple's erotic massage?

Since we have had this exciting experience, we strongly recommend our friends to try an erotic massage for couples. As I mentioned once, it really brought us closer and motivated us for further sexual activities.

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