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How does the everyday life of erotic masseuse Jana go and why does she love her job?

One day from life of erotic masseuse JanaI love my beautiful and strong body. It's a great gift that I like to brag about. I love when men and women turn to me. I am a professional masseuse. In my free time I do sports and modern dance. The work of masseuse in an erotic salon is tailor-made for me.

A new client is waiting for me today. He received an erotic massage as a gift.

I choose sensual black lace lingerie. Just for welcome, the most sensible thing for me is meeting each other. First contact can have very mixed feelings and men can be sometimes very shy. My task is to create discrete and erotic moments.

Clients take a shower before the massage itself starts. Chooses music and essential oils with aphrodisiac effects according to his taste.

I perform erotic massages completely naked. Muted music and muffled talk have a very relaxing effect. I start with a natural, gentle touch and gentle massage of the whole body.

I also pay close attention to the groin area, the inner side of the thighs and the intimate parts. Part of the whole massage I focus on erogenous zones and intimate places. A common part of erotic massage is also a lingam / penis massage with a climax.

Prostate massage - complete ecstasy with health benefits

Stimulation of prostate is unexpectedly exciting and completely escalates the intimate and exciting charge of erotic massage, that may be a reason why men asks for prostate massage so often. The man stays in a supine position so I can observe the effect of my touches. Surprise alternates with absolute pleasure. Gentlemen enjoy the moment of delightful massage with a climax repeatedly.

The Sweet Massage erotic salon is a place of fulfilled dreams

The final phase of the erotic massage is again transferred to the whole body, energy slowly dissolves in a gentle caress and gentle touches.

Every erotic massage for men begins and ends with a bath or shower which we can take together.

An embarrassed man standing in the doorway turns. Exhaustion from everyday stress is gone. A relaxed, satisfied and confident man leave the erotic salon. Self-assured. Richer in a sensual and unforgettable experience. I believe he will be happy to return. I'm spending tonight with friends at a dance club. I'm looking for you. I think you could come to the erotic Sweet Massage salon.

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