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Proč je masáž nohou tak dobrá?

O masáži nohou

Foot massage is an incomparable delight, that not only reveals the tiredness of the feet, brings the whole body to its original form, but it’s also a unique relaxation process. Combined with the erotic massage techniques and sometimes tantra, it gives an incessant delight and may revive your partnership. And just to bring its meaning and importance closer to you, we have written this article. We need to say, that this massage shouldn’t be confused with the footjob massage, which is very pleasant too, but still a completely different technique.

Regaining the power

Indeed, foot massage is a very pleasant procedure, that literally gives you the second birth – not only to your organism as a whole, but it surely does replenish you powers. Foot massage differs from the classic massage. During this type of massage you stimulate not only the muscles, but also the acupressure points, that revive your entire organism. The reason is, that your feet contain lots of reflective points, that are responsible for the organism. Modern reflexotherapy emphasizes such points and helps to release the pain in the back and normalize some of the processes in your organism. Stimulation of the fingers of the foot helps to improve not only the condition of the eyes, ears, teeth and gums, and to release some tension in these points. Foot massage not only increases your vital powers and total organism condition. The correct „interaction“ with your feet also helps to remove or relieve even some illnesses. Besides this healing function, feet massage positively influences your overall emotional state – it may remove the stress and increase your mood.

Known and used for centuries

The ancient Asian (Indan and Chinese) teachings believed, there is only one perpendicular – our sole, that is vertical to the rest of the body. Therefore, according to it, the energetic concentration in our feet is really enormous. And the plethora of receptors located there influences almost every human organ. And some of their postulates are alive even today, because even the modern medicine counts on it and this procedure is offered in some spas and wellnesses, or oriental massage parlors, where the true masters and professionals perform this kind of complete, but useful massage. Ancients used this type of massage not only to renovate the inner harmony, but also to increase the connection with the outer world. The modern medicine, although it may negate these traditional approaches, still acknowledges the overall positive influence of this massage on the overall organism condition.

How the foot massage can be used as the erotic massage technique

It can be really used in the erotic practice. Since it’s very intimate procedure, and there’s not so many people, who can really do it, it becomes a true ritual. Tender and soft strokes may not only have a positive influence on your partner’s health, but also combined with some erotic massage techniques, it may become a real excitement for you both. Imagine yourselves having a romantic night and performing something that is really useful for you and your partner. Combine it with your inner energy and tantric techniques, and you will get an unforgettable experience, that surely will bring the intimacy between you back on the top levels and will remain there for a very long time. Otherwise, you can ask the professionals, how it is performed. Some types of feet massage are performed by the feet themselves (also known as footjob), but it’s a topic for a different article. We strongly recommend to combine foot massage with the erotic techniques – sexual energy increases the healing effect multiple times, and you will love it.

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